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Becoming a Preferred CUT Member is the most convenient way to get your hands on Winemaker's CUT 

- limited production, Okanagan wine(s).

Preferred CUT Members are priority, guaranteed to get their CUT of each vintage (annually) before it hits the shelves and sells out. 

One (1) automatic shipment per year (of your choice) is the minimum membership requirement.

CUT a deal

Preferred CUT Members receive special rates. Shipping, Taxes and bottle deposit are included in Final CUT rate (listed below)

Preferred CUT Members can reorder, at the Final CUT rate, throughout the year (while quantities last).

No Credit Card required. You are in charge of your payment before each shipment.

CUT to the chase

If you would like to become a Preferred CUT Member please choose your Final CUT and fill out membership form below.

$150 CUT

6 x Sauvignon Blanc

$190 CUT


6 x Syrah

$170 CUT

3 x Sauvignon Blanc
3 x Syrah

$330 if upgrading to a full case (6+6)

Become a Preferred CUT MEMBER

Preferred CUT Member FORM

  • You will be invoiced via email prior each shipment (one per year is mandatory)
  • If payment is not received, membership is cancelled
  • If the wine is out of stock, next shipment is in April; we will inform you via email
  • Final CUT rates includes shipping, taxes and container deposit
  • We do not keep credit card information on file
  • You must be of legal drinking age

Winemaker's CUT

(778) 931-0577

Existing members order form

If you are an existing Preferred CUT Member and would like to reorder at Final CUT rate, please fill out following form.

Winemaker's CUT

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