At Deadman Lake Vineyard, home of Winemaker's CUT wines, we are exposing our vineyard to classical music. It helps us grow healthier and stronger vines as plants are able to receive sounds at specific frequencies. Classical music also deters harmful bugs and birds. Our grapes thus ripen earlier and have better composition of tannins, acids and complex flavours.



At Deadman Lake Vineyard we are using environmentally sensitive viticulture practices. Our own version of sustainability means respecting the vineyard as a living ecosystem. We are using a fully organic approach, no herbicides, no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers, with certain biodynamic features. Our goal is to work together with Mother Nature to create living wines that enrich our soul and life, wines that give our life a greater sense of joy.



The moon plays an important part in our farming as it heavily influences humans, plants and all other life on Earth. Working according to the lunar calendar provides the vines with our support when they need it the most, and leaves them enough space to grow in their own environment without excessive manipulation.