Deadman Lake Vineyard is located between Oliver and Osoyoos, British Columbia. Situated on the western side of the valley this vineyard lies 100 meters south-west of Deadman Lake and roughly 1200 meters north of the renown Spotted Lake. The terrain rich in minerals, sulphur and natural elements, in heavy concentration, that is exclusive to the Okanagan valley and evident in our wines. We employ sustainable farming methods and this vineyard honors a zero pesticides, zero herbicides, and zero artificial fertilizer policy. Safely sustained - naturally farmed.



Deadman Lake Vineyard is host to a unique micro climate. Vineyard temps can reach 40 Degree Celsius and often remain above 30 Degree for several days / weeks at a time, thus supporting adequate on-the-vine ripening time. With extended seasonal daylight hours that prolong daily photosynthesis, minimal concern over high winds, and terraces situated above the vineyard that evenly distribute precipitation, we are able to institute dry farming techniques.



Predominantly black, chernozem soil, rich in shale, humus and carbonates, paired with the unique terrain of our close neighbour and natural wonder, Spotted Lake, Deadman Lake Vineyard soil testing shows traces of magnesium, calcium, sulphur and sodium among other concentrated minerals.