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" Originally from Slovakia, my wife and I, we packed our passion for wine and with our knowledge and experience and we readied ourselves for new opportunities and new experiences.

After years behind the scenes as the winemaker for a number of labels we made the commitment, my wife and I, to create our dream: the Winemaker`s CUT, producing wines that were true to us, true to what we love and producing wines that honoured our beliefs in playing classical music in our vineyard and cellar, naturally farmed vineyards and our expectations of quality through traditional harvesting and winemaking methods.

Winemaker’s CUT meant a host of things to us subjectively.  It spoke to finally stepping from behind the scenes and making our dream a reality.  It was a piece of us, and our opportunity to capture and share a moment exactly as we saw it.  It was the opportunity to make the calls for ourselves, like a director’s cut, to share our unique point of view - our styling and blending of an Okanagan wine. "


Michal Mosny

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Martina, Herny, Milo, Slovakia, Sharing, Friends, Equilibrium


Cut to the chase:     

Classical Music, Naturally, Sustainability, Hand sorting, Skin contact, Low pressure pressing, Barrel aging, Slovakian, American and French Oak


Cut to the chase:    

Purity, Balance, Complexity, Naturally

Classical Music

About Music

β€œEvery wine I have made in my life was exposed to classical music in the cellar at least. And there is no difference with our very own Winemaker’s CUT. With speakers installed in our vineyard and cellar, we make sure that the sounds of operas and masterpieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Puccini, Verdi and others influence our wines and create balance and unique character. There have been a number of studies performed that demonstrate how music affects plants and their growth, and we believe it has a huge and positive effect on vines in the vineyard and wines in the cellar. β€œ

Our wine life has always been connected with classical music. Our boutique winery in Slovakia was located near a village that Beethoven used to visit very often (Dolna Krupa), and allegedly where he composed a very famous masterpiece, β€œFor Elise”. We like classical music and I played violins in my young age, so we used to listen classical music while working in the vineyard. Because this type of music made us very happy and enriched our soul, we thought about exposing our vines to classical music to enrich their growing life.”

β€œWine is a product of nature and we believe that there is more than just fruit, technology or winemaking techniques. We are looking for creating character and balance with Mother Nature. Classical music allows us to bring more to our farming and winemaking. Classical music is an Art, it’s a harmony created by talented musicians that resonates in our ears and souls and creates emotions and memories. β€œ